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Wing Collar Pique Bib Tuxedo Shirt by Gitman Brothers

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Price: $175.00
SKU#:107PFWB 10bb

The wing collar was first popularized by the former British Prime Minister William Gladstone and has been a staple of men's formal attire ever since.

Our version of this enduring classic is tailored in soft 2-ply cotton broadcloth with a textured pique bib and French cuff to ensure a sleek silhouette at any formal occasion.

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100% cotton broadcloth.

Gitman Gold is our top-quality stock program, a step above the basic Gitman Brothers Shirt.

Since 1948 Gitman has consistently made one of the finest shirts in the world. Located in Ashland, Pennsylvania, Gitman is also one of the last remaining shirt makers that bases its manufacturing entirely in America. Everyone we work with has been sewing clothing for generations and brings all their history and skill to each individual shirt we sew. Their experience is irreplaceable and we are dedicated to keep our manufacturing here to utilize and save something that is truly part of American history. With so many market goods now made offshore, the "Made in USA" label has not only come to represent a superior product made locally, but also to connote a new form of luxury known internationally.

At Gitman, our identity is based on the fact that we produce a garment founded on quality in materials and construction - a particular combination of the worlds finest fabrics and master shirt making. With over 100 collar models, a huge fabric archive and unparalleled experience Gitman possesses the necessary components which allow us to create garments that are part of fashion and lifestyle history.

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