A Guide to Golf Attire for Men

A Guide to Golf Attire for Men

You should get great at golf. More than 24 million Americans played golf on a course in 2018. Playing a game is a great way to connect to clients and form business relationships. 

But being out on a course does not mean that you should compromise on men's fashion. You must meet the expectations for golf attire if you want your game to make a real impression. 

What are acceptable hats, shirts, and pants for the golf course? How can you compliment your golf attire for men with accessories? What is never acceptable out on the greens?

Answer these questions and you can dress in stylish clothes at whatever course you go to. Here is your quick guide. 

Caps and Hats 

Caps and hats are always acceptable, rain or shine. Your cap should fit comfortably on your head, shielding your eyes from the weather. 

You can wear a modern hat with a long visor in the front. The traditional golf cap is not commonly worn today, but you can choose one. Many older clubs appreciate them, especially for a golf tournament. 

You can also wear a hat with a wide brim. Try to find one with a chin strap so it does not fall off of your head. Most colors are acceptable, though most hats are gray, white, or black. 


Your shirt should be comfortable, allowing you to move your arms and torso. It should have a collar so it does not wrinkle around your neck. Many clubs make an explicit requirement that all men wear collared shirts. 

You can choose any material you want. Cotton lets you stay cool by allowing sweat to evaporate. 

You should wear short sleeves in the summertime. If you expect to play during a rainy or windy day, you can go in long sleeves.

Nearly all clubs require shirts to remain tucked in beneath the pants. Make sure your shirt fits comfortably beneath your belt without hurting your hips. 


Slacks are the most common form of golf pants. Your slacks should have a good belt loop. An elastic waistband is never acceptable, even if you can hide the drawstrings. 

Try to find pants with water-resistant materials. A sunny day on the golf course can still stain your pants because the grass produces dew. Go without cuffs and keep the legs rolled down so you don't collect dirt. 

Find a pair that has deep pockets. You need to have some storage for your ball marker and divot tools. 


Shorts are acceptable for summertime play. They must extend to the knee area or beyond. 

Cotton and khaki are the two most common materials. Give yourself enough room around the waist and knees to twist as you hit your ball. 

More golfers are wearing shorts with patterns and brighter colors. But most golfers keep to neutral colors and styles. 

Try to make some contrast between your shirt and your shorts. Your shirt can be dark blue, while your shorts are gray. Wearing entirely one color can seem bland. 

Shoes and Socks

Some courses require players to wear metal spike shoes. This is becoming less common because metal spikes can damage soil and grass. 

You can find shoes with soft spikes made of plastic or another material. It should grip your feet and the ground comfortably. 

Spend some time trying out several pairs. If you slip in a pair as you swing your club, you should not buy those shoes. 

Even high-end shoes tend to wear out very quickly. Be mindful of what size you wear and be prepared to buy new ones in little time. 

You can wear any kind of socks. Try to find ones that match the color and style of your pants or shorts. Black mercerized cotton socks are light and compliment many different kinds of feet. 

Gloves and Accessories 

Gloves are not essential, but they can provide grip support for beginning players. There is no one-size-fits-all kind of golf glove. Every pair is distinct, so you will need to try out several before making a purchase. 

There are a few accessories you can add to your golf attire. Sunglasses are important if you are playing on a sunny course. 

Do not go to the course wearing the glasses you wear elsewhere. These glasses can make it hard to see at a distance or out of the corners of your eyes. Find a specialized pair for golf players. 

You can wear a watch, though it should not impede your wrist flexibility. An electronic or battery-powered one is acceptable. You can also wear a wedding ring and other jewelry.

Cold-Weather Clothing 

You should still dress light if you are golfing in cold weather. Wear a long sleeve shirt and put layers on top of it.  

Find a rain jacket made with lightweight materials. Try to get one with a collar so rain cannot run down your face and onto your shirt. 

You can wear a vest or sweater, especially if it is not raining. It should complement the rest of your attire. Select one that has neutral colors and conservative patterns. 

What You Should Not Wear

Each course has its own dress code. Most clubs follow similar rules on what to wear, but you should not assume that a club will allow your clothes. Check their website before you visit for the day. 

In general, tee shirts and tank tops are not acceptable. You may get turned away at the door if your shirt does not have a collar. You also cannot wear cutoff or gym shorts. 

Sandals and flip-flops are never permissible. Your shoes must have closed toes. 

Find the Right Golf Attire for You

Golf attire is stylish yet comfortable. Select a hat that will let you see long-distance. 

Pick a cotton shirt with a good collar and neutral colors. You can wear shorts or slacks that cover most of your legs. Get a good pair of shoes that won't wear out. 

Buy sunglasses specialized for golfers. If you will encounter cold weather, get a rain jacket. Before you make any visit, look at the course's website and read their code. 

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