Classically Fashionable: How to Properly Wear V-Neck Sweaters

Classically Fashionable: How to Properly Wear V-Neck Sweaters

While many people look at the v-neck sweater as an innovation in mens' fashion, it's been around for a while. As early as the 1940s, men have been wearing v-neck sweaters to wonderful effects. A v-neck sweater, when worn properly, can provide a man with a level of fashion that he wouldn't be able to achieve with other neck lines. 

However, many people don't see it that way. 

A simple search on Google about v-necks reveals that people are asking questions such as "are v-necks okay to wear?", and "are v-necks tacky"? Indeed, one can find people making fun of v-necks all over the internet. Why is this true, since celebrities can be seen sporting fashionable v-necks all the time?

It's true because v-necks are tough to wear right. When you hit it perfectly, a v-neck is a wonderful way to show off just how fashionable you are. However, when you flub it, v-necks can look downright silly. 

This article will walk you through all you need to know about wearing a v-neck sweater.

For More Formal Events 

Whereas crew-neck sweaters act similarly to t-shirts, providing a warmer variety of casual fashion, v-neck sweaters allow dress-up opportunities. The fact that a man can easily throw a v-neck over their favorite button-down shirt makes them essential for any men's wardrobe. Depending on just how formal the event is, you can choose to throw a tie on under the sweater, or go tie-less. 

The v-neck sweater/button-down combination works perfectly for patterns that you consider too bold to be worn on their own. If you have a patterned shirt that you usually wear under a sports jacket or blazer, but it's not that kind of formal event, consider wearing a v-neck sweater. The pattern will only peak out a bit around your neck, reserving an element of poise and sophistication. 

This option also works to warm up a button-down. If you have a button-down that you love that you consider a bit too light for the winter, this is the perfect option for you. 

Depending on the button-down you wear, and what you wear with the rest of your outfit, you can look on the more casual side of formal, or the more formal side of casual. Consider pairing it with a nice pair of jeans and boots for a more casual equation. 

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Perfect For Accessories 

If you have some accessories that you want to show off, a v-neck sweater is a perfect option. 

V-necks are great for showing off necklaces. Your necklace will rest perfectly over the extra bit of skin that a v-neck shows. It's a perfect option that showcases the jewelry while remaining subtle. 

You can also showcase a watch very easily with a v-neck. Sweaters, in general, are perfect for v-necks. The length of the sleeves means that the watch is showcased. 

V-necks are also good options for anyone who wants to show off a new belt. Simply tuck your v-neck into your pants, and let the belt shine. 

Generally, v-necks are a step up in classiness from traditional crewneck sweaters, but a step down from more formal attire. Because of this, they're wonderful for showing off accessories. The accessories won't take up too much attention, but they won't get drowned out by anything else. 

A Retro Style 

If you want to go for a retro style, reminiscent of the Mods of the 1960s, consider wearing a v-neck sweater over a turtleneck. This bold look is sure to keep you warm and will distinguish you from everyone else at whatever event you're attending. 

If you want to keep it casual, pair a v-neck/turtle neck combo with your favorite pair of jeans. Jeans, in general, are a good way to keep your v-neck classy but casual. 

However, if you want to strike more of a formal figure, wear your combination with a blazer and dress pants. 

For a Night Out

V-necks aren't limited to formal events and retro looks, however. If you're looking to spend a night out on the town, and the weather is a little chilly, consider wearing a v-neck sweater under a leather jacket. 

A v-neck sweater under a leather jacket combines the edginess of the leather jacket with the class of the sweater. It combines the fun of the club with matureness, poise, and sophistication. 

This works especially well with a black pair of jeans. A bright, patterned sweater, black leather jacket, black jeans, and some nice shoes are a wonderful way to make people their turned heads.

Or, you can combine your leather jacket look with what you learned from the formal attire. Wear your black leather jacket and black jeans with a black v-neck sweatshirt, and a white button-down underneath. This pop of white will keep you looking fresh and unique. 

V-Neck Sweaters Are Extremely Fashionable

Though there are split opinions out there, it's no question that v-neck sweaters are extremely fashionable pieces of clothing. However, you have to wear them right. Wear them over a button-down for a formal evening, over a turtleneck for a retro look, and under a leather jacket for a night out on the town. 

At the end of the day, v-neck sweaters, just like any other article of clothing, are all about how you wear them. 

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