Brown and Light Blue Geometric Seven Fold Woven Silk Tie by Robert Talbott

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SKU: 50438M0-20
Material: Silk
Pattern: Geometrics
Color Family: Brown
Color Family: Blue

Impeccably handcrafted 100% woven silk Seven Fold tie in a brown and light blue geometric. Hand numbered - one of only 40 ties made of this fabric.

Regular tie length is 59", long length is 62".

Hand made in Italy.

The unmistakable and singularly majestic beauty of the Robert Talbott Seven Fold is, even at first glance, readily apparent - from a dazzling array of the most exclusive silks to the utterly elegant knot it forms with unerring consistency, each Robert Talbott Seven Fold Tie is part of a limited, individually hand-numbered edition. Moreover, all Robert Talbott ties are cut to order by our master cutters, and meticulously crafted by hand in our own Carmel, California based production facility.

The hand cut, hand sewn Seven Fold is the world's most luxurious tie. Seven layers of sumptuous silk folded into itself and void of any extraneous lining, each tie is an enduring tribute to Robert Talbott's continued commitment to excellence.

Hand-crafted in one of our tailoring studios, the Seven Fold is a throwback to an era when tie makers didn't replace silk with linings of wool, canvas or polyester to cut costs. Billed as "the finest tie human hands can produce," it's named for the way the single piece of fabric is exactingly folded in on itself seven times, creating a 100% silk garment that drapes fluidly, hangs straight and is both malleable and durable. On the underside of every Seven Fold's tail is a small box with a handwritten edition number. "In a world where everyone is wearing ties," says David Doherty, the Toronto-area sales rep for Robert Talbott, "it has a distinct number to it. "These are ties intended for the man who makes a defining statement when he dresses and appreciates the subtle details and artistry of a tie.

At Robert Talbott, we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We understand that the finest materials and time-tested processes are the foundation for classic style and impeccable clothing - and that is precisely the reputation which we have steadfastly maintained over the course of more than half a century. Our garments represent our understanding of style and workmanship, whether made in our Italian officinas or in our very own Monterey, California workshop. From our early beginnings as a cottage industry in Carmel, California, to our current position as one of the most distinguished manufacturers of fine clothing, the story of Robert Talbott is quite literally that of the American Dream, realized.

As makers, manufacturers, and purveyors of utterly distinctive design sensibility, we are committed to bringing you an iconic, American brand whose quality is second to none, all inspired by our heritage in the Monterey Bay Peninsula.

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