Ickburgh Graduated Rib with Relaxation Panels Non-Elastic Cotton Lisle Sock in Light Khaki (3 Pair) by Pantherella

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Material: Cotton
Pattern: Solids
Color Family: Brown
Relaxation socks from Pantherella have panels at the top of the sock that gently grip the leg and stay up without need for elastic. Pantherella Ickburgh Relaxation socks allows for natural circulation around the leg and eliminates marks and irritations, using the original Softop™ patented design.

Not just comfy but clever too, Pantherella's gentle grip socks are a strike of genius. A classic style that places comfort as a priority with the soft top design, the Ickburgh from Pantherella are the ultimate in comfort socks. Hand-finished, with a fine-linked toe-seam for comfort.

Regular size: Fits shoe sizes 8.5-11
Large size: Fits shoe sizes 11.5-13

65% cotton lisle, 35% nylon.

Made in England since 1937.

Pantherella Mercerised Cotton Lisle Socks

Our Egyptian Cotton is grown and processed in the Nile Delta and then spun into the highest quality yarn by Filmar in Italy.

The fibres of this ‘Giza 88’ Egyptian Cotton are very long, which means that they can be spun into a very fine yarn. These long fibres are also resistant to ‘pilling’ and therefore make very durable, hard wearing socks.

The Mercerisation process removes all loose fibres from the yarn, meaning that it is completely smooth and fluff free. The result being that our Mercerised Cotton Lisle socks have a very silky and shiny appearance.

The Mercerisation process also increases the porosity of the yarn, meaning that it can be dyed to a deep, rich and vibrant colour palette and retain this colour well..

The Egyptian Cotton Pantherella use for Mercerised Cotton Lisle socks has a count of from 2/60NE to 2/100NE – this number translates as the thickness and weight of the yarn (2 ply x 60-100 yards per lb).

Pantherella Cotton Lisle Socks are knitted on a 200 needle, fine-gauge machine.

The perfect lightweight, formal dress sock.

What is Mercerised Cotton Lisle?
For our Mercerised Cotton Lisle socks, Pantherella use the finest Italian sourced, extra-long staple Egyptian grown cotton. The extra-long staple determines the highest quality of cotton, as it uses uniform lengths of fibres of over 33 mm. This yarn is composed of two strands that are twisted together with an extra twist per inch than lesser quality cottons, creating one single, strong thread.

Once spun, the cotton goes through a process of Mercerisation (devised in 1844 by John Mercer of Great Harwood, Lancashire, England) whereby it is passed through a flame at high speed, to eliminate any stray surface fibres.

The result is a shiny, shrink & pill resistant yarn that absorbs dye brilliantly while maintaining its silky lustre.

About Pantherella
From day one, Louis Goldschmidt realised that seamless products were the future, be it the fully fashioned socks on the very first Bentley machines, to the ultimate hand linked toe seam that Pantherella is famous for. The company has never shied away from setting precedents; when others have turned to cheaper alternatives, Pantherella have held firm in their beliefs.

Pantherella's philosophy of Quality, Variety, Value for Money still rings true today. Our collections have advanced in leaps and bounds since the early days of Louis' basic ribbed socks.

Press Quotes
Pantherella is generally considered the best sock-maker in the world. If you're buying your suit from Savile Row, Pantherella is where you'll get your socks.
101 Things to Buy Before You Die by Maggie Davis & Charlotte Williamson

Pantherella is the undisputed daddy ... the finest traditional manufacturer.
Simon O'Connell, Sunday Times Style Magazine

Pantherella brings innovative design, technology and the highest quality standards to the feet of the world.
The Business Objects of Desire

A purveyor of fine English socks...This is the sock equivalent of flying by private plane.
Jefferson Hack, The Telegraph

I know blokes who don't feel properly dressed until they've put on their Pantherellas (the Rolls-Royce of socks).
Sunday Times Style Magazine

Regular size: Fits shoe sizes 8.5-11
Large size: Fits shoe sizes 11.5-13
X-Large size: Fits shoe sizes 13.5-15.5

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