Supima Pique Polo In Weathered Red By Bill's Khakis

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Material: Cotton
Pattern: Solid
Color Family: Red
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This relaxed, comfortable cut is perfect for everyday leisure. This shirt was not only sewn in America, it was grown in America. From 100% Supima cotton. Only 2% of cotton garments sold in America are made from Supima, which should give you some idea of how exceptional this long-staple cotton really is. Supima is stronger, softer, finer and more absorbent than standard varieties, qualities that will serve you well for seasons to come. 100% American. Two-button placket, tennis tail and signature trim details.

6.6 oz., 100% Supima® Cotton. Supima® is the trademark name for the world's finest cottons, Supima® is 100% extra-long staple cotton grown exclusively in the American west and southwest. Yarns made from Supima® cotton produce softer and longer-lasting fabrics. Supima® is your mark of the highest quality in cotton apparel.

In economic terms, there are few human activities more virtuous than the act of making something. At Bills Khakis, we started producing khakis because no one cared to take a craft approach to what was clearly an iconic American product.

All our khakis, shorts, shirts, jackets, belts and shoes are produced in American factories, some state of the art, some still run by Amish craftsmen. We do not judge others who produce elsewhere, but for us, there was only one place to set up shop.


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