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Travelers Twill Pant - Model F2 Standard Fit Plain Front in Navy (Size 42 Only) by Hansen's Khakis

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Material: Tencel
Material: Polyester
Material: Wrinkle Resistant
Pattern: Solids
Pant Fabric: Twill
Pant Type: Casual
Pant Type: Dress Casual
Pant Type: Travel
Pant Type: Plain Front
Color Family: Blue
Waist Size *

Classic khakis, with a modern fabric designed to travel with you and still look great. Soft and comfortable, with just a little stretch. Wrinkle and stain resistant - you'll never travel with another pair of khakis again!

37% polyester, 32% Tencel, 31% cotton.

Note: Our tailors add 1/2" to your selected inseam length to account for shrinkage.

Made in the USA of imported fabric.

Since 1898, Hansen's Clothing has been dressing men from all walks of life. As you can imagine, we've seen some khakis come and go...some near perfection, some not so great. Finally, we decided to create our own, from the highest quality fabrics, cut to exacting specifications. They meet Duane's exacting standards, which probably says enough right there. Plus, they're made right here in the USA. After all, we perfected khakis, we might as well hand craft them too.

Model F2 - 1" less full through the rise, seat and leg. For those who don't want or don't need a fuller cut. Plain front.

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