Waddington Cashmere 5x1 Rib Sock in Choice of Colors (Over the Calf) by Pantherella

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Material: Cashmere
Pattern: Solids
Color Family: Black
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The Waddington Cashmere 5x1 Rib socks from Pantherella are wonderfully soft, and slipping into a pair of beautiful cashmere socks is a decadent experience, of which you'll never tire. For total sartorial elegance cashmere socks are a must.

Cashmere socks from Pantherella are made from the finest yarns and are handfinished for the premium quality finish Pantherella is renowned for. Cashmere socks give you the very best of quality and comfort and make the perfect gift.

Reinforced heel and toe.

Medium size: Fits shoe sizes 8.5-11

85% cashmere, 15% nylon.

Made in England since 1937.

Pantherella Cashmere Socks
The most luxurious socks in the world - cashmere is softer and approximately three times warmer than sheep's wool.

Our Cashmere is processed in Mongolia and then spun into the most luxurious quality yarn by Italian spinners .

Our leisure weight cashmere yarn is woollen spun using the finest grade of cashmere knitted with nylon to give extra durability and stretch. An affordable taste of luxury.

It takes approximately 6 goats to produce enough fibre to make one dozen pairs of Pantherella short cashmere socks.

The Cashmere Pantherella use has a count of 3/80 NM - this number translates as the number of ends (ply) by length in metres per 1 gram of mass (3 ply x 80 metres).

Pantherella's lesiure-weight knit Cashmere socks are knitted on a 96-needle machine.

Wear around the home with soft shoes or slippers, for total indulgence, and like fine wine, cashmere will improve with age if cared for properly.

What is Cashmere?
Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world and is obtained from the hair of cashmere goats (Capra Hircus Laniger). Pantherella cashmere comes from Mongolia, where around 40 million goats contend with winter temperatures as low as -30°C.

Due to the low temperatures, their coat is made up of two distinct layers - the outer layer (guard hair) and the undercoat (cashmere). The guard hair is coarse and waterproof, which serves to protect the goat (and the undercoat). The undercoat is ultrafine, soft and an excellent insulator, to protect the goat from the extreme cold. Only the soft, ultrafine undercoat is used to produce cashmere. In spring, as the goats moult for summer, they are combed by hand to remove their ultrafine undercoat, while leaving the guard hair intact.

These combings are then washed and sorted to remove any stray guard hairs. What is left is pure cashmere. This laborious process results in a fibre that is exceptionally exquisite and rare. It therefore it commands a higher price than more easily obtained fibres.

About Pantherella
From day one, Louis Goldschmidt realised that seamless products were the future, be it the fully fashioned socks on the very first Bentley machines, to the ultimate hand linked toe seam that Pantherella is famous for. The company has never shied away from setting precedents; when others have turned to cheaper alternatives, Pantherella have held firm in their beliefs.

Pantherella's philosophy of Quality, Variety, Value for Money still rings true today. Our collections have advanced in leaps and bounds since the early days of Louis' basic ribbed socks.

Press Quotes
Pantherella is generally considered the best sock-maker in the world. If you're buying your suit from Savile Row, Pantherella is where you'll get your socks.
101 Things to Buy Before You Die by Maggie Davis & Charlotte Williamson

Pantherella is the undisputed daddy ... the finest traditional manufacturer.
Simon O'Connell, Sunday Times Style Magazine

Pantherella brings innovative design, technology and the highest quality standards to the feet of the world.
The Business Objects of Desire

A purveyor of fine English socks...This is the sock equivalent of flying by private plane.
Jefferson Hack, The Telegraph

I know blokes who don't feel properly dressed until they've put on their Pantherellas (the Rolls-Royce of socks).
Sunday Times Style Magazine

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