Harley of Scotland

Peter Harley, inspired by the beauty of the coastline and his experiences as a fisherman, established Harley of Scotland, originally as 'Glenugie Knitwear' in 1929. Whilst at sea, Peter would visit Orkney, Shetland and the Fair Isles where he observed the traditional hand knit cottage industries and the striking regional patterning of Fair Isle sweaters. For centuries, fisher-folk from Shetland to Fife have produced knitwear for two main objectives – comfort and warmth.

Our proven record of producing the finest quality knitwear for 87 years, our ideas and inspiration, or our eclectic blends of the highest quality fibres, textures and patterns, and pairing our traditional techniques with highly sophisticated technology – ensures the perfect balance between old and new. Once you’ve experienced a Harley of Scotland sweater, you will agree that we offer the finest quality Scottish knitwear available.

It’s our history of care and attention to detail, our traditional workmanship, personal touch and the quality of every single Harley garment that sets our knitwear apart.